My Little Story

My Little Lambs have been dressing up kids with love and passion for 9 years now. As a young company, we are extremely passionate about our work and put a great effort in creating each and every design and making it unique. It is very important for us that our bright little one’s like our designs and find them fun to wear. We at my little lambs understand that your child’s comfort and safety is your top most priority, hence we pay special stress on making our fabrics exceptionally soft hand feel and safe for the skin of your young ones.

My Little Mission:

India and its textiles are the inspiration for My Little Lambs creations. We always work towards creating a perfect blend of ethnic prints and contemporary designs which go perfectly well with today’s moms as well as their children. We aspire to send our orders lovingly filled with cultural inspiration all over the globe at a reasonable price.

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My Little Sourcings:

We as a young brand understand and take responsibility for the quality of our fabrics and manufacturing process very seriously. We truly believe and keep up our morals of ethical working and fair trade in our company. Our studio and manufacturing unit is situated in Jaipur which is the capital city and one of the most regal cities of culturally abundant state of Rajasthan in India. As manufacturers ourselves we cautiously follow labor laws and carefully maintain high ethical sourcing so as to keep our manufacturing environment friendly as well as maintain quality of our products. As manufacturers it is very important for us that our production should not hurt anyone in any way and must stay in harmony with nature.

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My Little Giveback to the Society:

As much as we are passionate about our work we do not neglect our social responsibilities and we keep doing our bit towards the society which has given us so much love and respect. 60% of our employees are women in need, we encourage them to work and be self- sufficient. We also distribute My Little Lambs goodies once in a year to poor and needy.

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My Little Founders:

What's a better team than a husband and wife. My little lambs is the brainchild of the designer wifey who has a passion to create. To execute design and make the whole machinery of manufacturing work, we have 20 years of experience in the manager hubby. The circus started in 2014 and is still going strong with a huge range of clothing selections for your kids, and also women's line to be added soon.